Épées de décoration 
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Pack de 12 épées avec support - lame 80 cm
Pack de 12 épées avec support - lame 80 cm
Pack de 12 épées avec support - lame 80 cm

NKM Souvenirs

Are you in search of unique and quality souvenirs for your store? Look no further!

NKM is your preferred partner as a wholesaler specialized in providing exceptional products for souvenir shops.

Our Extensive Selection:

  • Exquisite Postcards: Vibrant illustrations capturing the local beauty and iconic sites of each destination.
  • Unique Magnets: Showcase your region's personality with our creative magnets that will charm your customers.
  • Trendy T-shirts: Unique and comfortable designs highlighting the essence of each place.
  • Distinctive Caps and Hats: Embrace local style with our collection of personalized headwear.
  • Memorable Mugs and Cups: Let our products bring your shelves to life with designs that tell a story.
  • Figurines and Statuettes: Miniature reproductions capturing the grandeur of local monuments and attractions.
  • Quality Textile Products: Sumptuous towels, scarves, and blankets with breathtaking motifs.
  • Elegant Jewelry: Accessories reflecting the local culture and authenticity of each destination.
  • Unique Books and Guides: Provide your customers with an immersive dive into the history and hidden treasures of the region.
  • Adorable Plush Toys: Fluffy companions inspired by local mascots.
  • Authentic Food Products: Local delights that will delight your customers' taste buds.
  • Elegant Stationery Items: Pens, notebooks, and journals adorned with motifs celebrating the region.
  • Innovative Home Accessories: Beautify spaces with our cushions, clocks, and wall decorations.
  • Educational Toys for Children: Stimulating games celebrating local heritage.
  • Local Handcrafted Products: Support local craftsmanship with our selection of unique pieces.

Why Choose NKM?

As a trusted wholesaler, we are committed to providing outstanding products, unparalleled variety, and dedicated customer service. Our partnerships with local artisans and our passion for travel are reflected in each item we offer.

Transform your store into a place of discovery, memorable souvenirs, and unique experiences with NKM. Contact us today to create a collection that will leave a lasting impression on your customers!

Visit our website: www.nkm.fr

Contact us: info@nkm.fr

Call us: +33 1 69 46 23 00